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Licensed Counselor, Certified Coach

Tracy Becker,MS, LPC, NBCC, DCC


About Peaceful Awakenings

A path to wellness is right in your backyard.  

Have you ever been cuddled up drinking coffee, reading a book or just sitting in a comfortable spot in your home and felt as if you were on vacation?  Sometimes we find places or moments that are filled with such feelings of peace, ease and comfort that they seemingly transport us. Peaceful Awakenings does just that.

Our intention at Peaceful Awakenings is to gather together to help one another…


Step more fully into faith by recognizing our fears;

Surrender our inner struggles in the search for inner peace and ease of being;

Receive, through openness, all the wonderful things available to us;

Forgive ourselves and others for our perceived wrong doings;

Overcome the obstacles we are faced with through courage and compassion;


To love more deeply than ever before.

Peaceful Awakenings offers the following supportive services for your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

  • Individual Counseling & Coaching Services

  • Individualized Health & Wellness Assessments and Treatment Plans

  • Sunday Morning Fellowship & Community Gatherings

Sunday Morning Fellowship

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Individual Counseling & Coaching Sessions

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Individualized Health & Wellness Assessment & Treatment Plans

Free Assessments regarding your personal symptoms and toxicity levels along with recommendations and treatment planning. Click above or below.

Brief Overview of Services

Tracy helped me see that life is full of unlimited possibilities.
Her ability to provide new perspectives, share resources, and get to the root of problems were critical to me finding the courage to leave a toxic job and focus on living a life that is fulfilling and affirming. Tracy is not only a role model for what is possible with the right mindset, but she is an amazing coach and a persistent cheerleader. With her guidance, I have become aware of old cycles that held me back and have been able to move toward personal growth, positive change, and acceptance of the many gifts that are available to me. I will always be grateful to Tracy for the amazing work she has done in my life.

Riley Jones

My life would not have unfolded the ways it has and continues to if I had not chosen to embark on working with Tracy. Tracy became the accountability partner the wholeness in my life was seeking. Through Tracy's guidance, I was able to discover internal peace preserving tools that are permanently threaded into the way I live each day, allowing me to confidently sustain the never-ending transformation that I am. As I reflect on how my life has transformed over the past year and a half, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Our work together is the permanent rock of truth and stillness that was tossed into some very choppy waters within myself at the most perfect time. Know that the fruits of her expertise and focus have not only assisted in my own personal development and transformation, but have caused truth and peace to ripple outward in both my professional and personal interactions with others. The work you do, Tracy, is truly a gift that keeps giving. Thank you for waking up each day and doing what you do in this world. 

Payton Hillman

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